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About the work

Julie Annis’ practice is concerned with landscapes that feel other or what could be called ‘thin spaces’. Places where the veil between the physical and the spiritual, the mortal and the immortal is almost transparent and it’s this ‘otherness’ that her work is trying to capture.

Her paintings are formed by referencing sketches made whilst walking and spending time in local countryside. Typically, drawings are made in pen, charcoal and soft pastels in a sketchbook. These initial images are then further developed into new artworks, made in a painterly style, either on paper or canvas which might take the artwork in a semi abstract direction. Memories and feelings are used as extra reference points, whilst some detail and absolute representation are lost through the process of painting. Subtle symbolic motifs might also be combined within the composition as well as added layers of colour creating a dreamlike atmosphere to the landscapes.

About Julie Annis

Julie Annis (b.1979) did her BTEC foundation in art and design at Brighton College of Technology and then went on to complete her BA in fine art, painting and drawing at Edinburgh College of Art in 2002. She now lives and works in East Sussex.

After exhibiting locally in Scotland directly after graduation, Julie went on to work as a graphic designer and illustrator as well as raise three children. She then reestablished her practice of making art during the summer of 2020, sketching en plein air in woodland, close by to her home and painting from her garden studio in rural East Sussex just outside of Lewes. Julie mostly works with oil on canvas and wood and also creates mixed media work on paper using mono printing, charcoal, ink, soft pastels and watercolour.